This itinerary is based on documents from Paul Julien’s personal collection, which are currently in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Over time it will become more detailed and intricately networked. [1]last updated 2021-05-23

June 27 Letter from broadcaster of Julien’s radio talks KRO; it is not possible to provide the requested sound recording equipment due to high demand. 

July 02 Letter on sponsorship agreement between Julien and KLM, Julien gets a ticket with a value of ƒ1.052 and in return “He will favourably mention KLM and promote travelling by Electra II in his lectures”. Signed by Julien on July 4th, flight should be no later than July 12th. 

July 14 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Luanda. Since 2 days in Luanda. Reports on plans unfolding and contacts made. 

July 23 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Serpa Pinto. Announces onward journey to the south east by car, praises the help he gets from the colonial government. 

July 25 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Cuangar. All well, reporting on journey, absence (largely) on Catholicism and onward journey to Dirico. Looks out on “South-West Africa” (Namibia) from his window. 

July 28 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Dirico. All is well, research progressing, ‘bushmen‘ are “The kindest people of Africa”.

August 06 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Serpa Pinto. Reports return from Dirico Mission and onward journey to Cuito Canavale[?] and Baixo Longa

August 13 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Serpa Pinto (with note by Elly of arrival on the 14th). “had over 300 Bushmen, saw a lot, filmed a lot and feel excellent.” projected arrival in the Netherlands 27th or 28th of August. Again praise of the Portuguese, went lion hunting without seeing a lion. Experienced the “interesting initiation of the Ganguele tribe”. 

August 18 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Kano. Reports safe arrival and announces brief journey through Bauchi plateau before onward journey to the Netherlands on August 28.


1 last updated 2021-05-23