This itinerary is based on documents from Paul Julien’s personal collection, which are currently in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Over time it will become more detailed and intricately networked. [1]last updated 2021-05-23

July 09 Letter from “Michaël van den Akker N.V. Kantoormachines en systemen” confirming agreement on loan of ‘Dictet Recorder’ & accessories. 

July 10 Ticket Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Kano (Nigeria).

July 12 Ticket Kano – Luanda (Angola)

July 12 Letter to Elly Julien Roberts from Kano while waiting for airplane to Luanda via Bangui (Central African Republic). Letter from J.P. Magrath, Shell offices, on meeting in Luanda, addressed at Dr. Julien / Luanda.

July 12-14 Luanda, Receipt from hotel Continental.

July 14 Newspaper clipping ‘Diario di Luanda’ “Um Grande antropologo halondes esta em Angola”. Arranges tickets mentioned below on this day. Letter from ‘Michaël van den Akker N.V. Kantoormachines en systemen’ on the broken down dictaphone machine and working towards a solution. 

July 15 Air freight form from Dictaphone Company Ltd on the loan of a portable recording machine because ”his machine has broken down and cannot be repaired locally”.

July 15 Ticket flight Luanda – Sa Bandeira. Letter to Elly Julien Roberts. Reports safe arrival in Sa’ da Bandeira, describes Luanda experience, mentions friendly cooperation of the Portuguese.

July 16 Newspaper clipping in Angolan paper with a photograph of an official function on which Julien appears. There are also prints of this photograph/function in the documentation.

July 18 Undated letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from Luanda, dated by the stamp. Announces trip on Friday [07-20] per plane to Nova Lisboa, then in car to Serpa Pinto. Mentions being recognised by former student from his time at the Aloysius college in The Hague.

Julien 25-30 Letters to Elly Julien-Roberts from Alhanca Mission. Research going slowly, reports on the ‘rescue’ of a child. 

August 08 Ticket flight Sa Bandeira – Mocamedes 

August 08-10 Sa da Bandeira, Lubango, Hotel receipt, 2 nights. 

August 14 Letter to Elly Julien-Roberts from “Vila Arriaga in the Chela mountains”. Announces scheduled departure and arrival on August 21 at Schiphol.

August 15-16 Sa da Bandeira, Lubango, Hotel receipt 2 nights.

August 18 Letter to Elly Julien Roberts from Sa’ da Bandeira, mentions onward journey per plane to Pereira d’ Ega and 2 days visit to a Dutch missionary in Huíla, and the tribe of the ‘Wamhuila’ “who have enormous hairdos, dripping of grease, stiffened by beads, Bantu Negroes that are ‘interesting but few’. Reporting on meagre mission situation and outcomes.

August 19-20 Sa da Bandeira, Lubango, Hotel receipt 3 nights. Ticket flight Sabandera – Luanda

August 19 Luanda Hotel Continental receipt for 1 night

August 20 Flight ticket Luanda – Lisbon – Amsterdam

September 07 Returned from Angola with pneumonia. Letter from R.K. Lyceum (high school) for girls The Hague. Reply to a letter Julien sent August 12, with concerns about his health and return to teaching. 


1 last updated 2021-05-23