This itinerary is based on documents from Paul Julien’s personal collection, which are currently in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Over time it will become more detailed and intricately networked. [1]last updated 2021-05-23

July 15th Air France ticket (issued June 11th), July 15th, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Fort Lamy (Chad).

July 19th Letter to Elly Julien Roberts, sent from Maroua, not much to report yet, only having arrived at Fort Lamy and there having visited the Unilever country director.

July 21st Letter to Elly Julien Roberts, sent from Maroua, northern Cameroon. Julien mentions staying with Mr. Geel “A Dutch agent”, and onward travel with a care made available by the government, to Mokolo where the “Chef de Region” awaits him. He also mentions that the German mr. and mrs. Kaufman had been invited for dinner.

July 29th Letter to Elly Julien Roberts, sent from Mokolo, northern Cameroon. Julien describes his crew, a cook and three helpers who all speak French but are of the Matakam a “still very wild tribe”. He reports having traveled to the (also) “very wilde” Tourou, but having moved on because the flies there were unbearable. Then he mentions having “researched” the Matakam tribe before continuing to the (again) “still very wild” Kapsiki and the impressive mountain area they inhibit. “Tomorrow” he will travel with a young French agricultural engineer to “the practically unknown mountain tribe of the Ziver who live in complete isolation and never communicate with their environment [sic!]”. After this he will move, still by government vehicle, to Mora “north of Mokolo”, and then with Mr. Kauffman and Frau Huttenmeister (who was ill earlier, but now recovered), travel in their car.

August 13th Letter to Elly Julien Roberts, sent from Doume, southern Cameroon, where Julien mentions staying at the Catholic Mission and an ontward trip to Yokadouma, where he also passed in 1936.

August 25 Air France tickets Batouri (Cameroon) – Bangui (Central African Republic) – Fort Lamy – Paris – Amsterdam.

September 11 Announcements of Julien’s safe return in several Dutch newspapers.


1 last updated 2021-05-23