This itinerary is based on documents from Paul Julien’s personal collection, which are currently in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Over time it will become more detailed and intricately networked. [1]last updated 2021-05-23

While this may not be the impression the list below gives, the focus of the journey was the south west of Cameroon, the former German, at the time British colony.

July 24 Letter to parents from Duala

July 27 Letter to parents from Yaoundé

July 28 Letter to parents from Yaoundé

August 09 Letter from parents from Zoulabot Nkoul at the Dzaj river

August 11 Mentioned in notebook: From Etekessang to Kamakouma

August 15 Letter to parents from Doumé

August 22 Letter to parents from Douala


1 last updated 2021-05-23